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Florida State football: Chubba Purdy excited to be back in action

“It feels so good to be like 100 percent healthy finally.”

Florida State Seminoles football quarterback Chubba Purdy has been through the wringer in his time in Tallahassee.

After suffering a broken collarbone in preseason football last year, he was forced into action early last season, further exasperating the injury. To help speed along the rehab process and not set himself further back, he took the rest of the year off, rehabbing both back home in Arizona and Tallahassee.

“It’s been a couple of months, but I had a great time today,” Purdy said after the first day of FSU practice. “We all had a great time, it’s good to be back.”

He’s spent the offseason rehabbing and working on footwork, something that he acknowledged today as the progress he's been pleased with.

“I feel like I’ve gotten faster and quicker with my footwork, which I wanted to work on. I need to work on stepping in my throws and rolling around.”

He spent the bulk of the day working with younger players, fellow quarterback Tate Rodemaker by his side. He got the chance to work with receiver Andrew Parchment, who he was highly complimentary of, and overall expressed a gratitude he was able to be back out on the turf.

“It feels so good to be like 100 percent healthy finally and I’ve been so blessed...I’ve had the right people by my side. I learned a ton, mental toughness is definitely the main one.

“Especially when you’re feeling down and depressed you got to reach out to friends and family, and that’s what that’s just what I did mainly and I prayed about it over and over.”

“I just reached out to people, my coaches were there for me and the whole staff was there for me.”