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Observations from Florida State’s first fall camp

Breaking down the first day back

The first practice of fall camp started on August 7th. Football rosters were handed out at the gates of the Albert J. Dunlap practice fields and an all-around excitement and intensity poured from coaches and players while the Seminole Warchant blasted.

Good first day. Split practice- wanted to get an opportunity to see new guys. Giving new guys that just enrolled this summer a baseline of where they are at,” head coach Mike Norvell said. “Second practice was slow, more controlled. All in all, it was a good day.”

“We definitely have a better sense of where we are supposed to be going and how we are supposed to be executing. Consistency needs to show up and trust the fundamentals. The confidence in what it needs to look like was evident.”

Quarterback Jordan Travis and transfer Mckenzie Milton were the two QBs who participated in segment “A” of the day's scheduled practices and seemed off and on at times which is to be expected for the first day of camp.

Running back Lawrence Toafilli caught passes in the flats, sliced up the middle, and had a good burst through the tackles.

Wide receiver Keyshawn Helton looked the part of a veteran catching throws from both quarterbacks and cutting upfield for big gains on multiple occasions.

Wide receiver Kentron Portier hit a nice juke out of the flat after a pass by Jordan Travis and gained praise from head coach Mike Norvell.

Quarterbacks Chubba Purdy and Tate Rodemaker both had decent days. Rodemaker’s athleticism stands out and he has the ability to escape and throw on the run well.

Chubba Purdy stood out with a nice dime to running back/athlete Corey Wren who then charged upfield between two blockers. With Chubba’s rehabilitation finished after his collarbone injury he looks great in action although his timing is off which is to be expected after spending time at home to recover.

Transfer wide receiver Andrew Parchment looks the part.

For the first day back, the team had a good practice. There’s always room for improvement and a lot of young players stood out along with the veterans. There is still work to do before the Notre Dame Fighting Irish come to Tallahassee on September 5th.