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Amari Gainer talks first day, linebacker corps

“We’re a tight knit group.”

Tallahassee, FL native and Lawton Chiles High School alumni Amari Gainer spoke about Florida State’s linebacker corps and what translated from the off-season player-run practices to how working at different roles on the defense helped his game for the upcoming season.

Gainer, the 6’3 237 pound linebacker led the team with 65 tackles last season and looks to improve upon that number for his redshirt sophomore year.

“Understanding the scheme and knowing the different formations, I feel like we are a lot better across the board.”

He spoke about his teammate Stephen Dix Jr.’s improvement as a leader and what he brings to the group.

“Stephen Dix, he’s a monster. [We’re] number’s 32 and 33. He’s great at getting a deep set, getting vocal, and making sure everyone is set, working sides with his reads, so he’s doing great.”

Team cohesion, especially in the linebacker room:

“We are a tight-knit group.”