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Keyshawn Helton: “I feel that confidence coming back”

Florida State Sports Information

Wide receiver Keyshawn Helton is looking to bounce back after a year in which he was hampered by the injury that’s lingered for 2 years.

On the first day of fall camp, our Tommy Mire highlighted Helton as a player who stood out during drills and reps.

Helton spoke on the difference he’s felt in his own game and preparation after practice on Monday, saying that after a year of doubt he’s gained a bit of confidence back in his ability to function as a playmaking receiver.

“Going throughout the season the confidence wasn’t all the way there,” he said, “and I felt good to play but it wasn’t always like so right now I feel 100 percent...I feel it coming back.”

“I felt that confidence coming back this summer.”

He also spoke on the legacy that Bobby Bowden leaves behind and more, saying that the head coach was a huge reason as to why he knew about FSU and chose to come to the university.