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VIDEO: OC Kenny Dillingham, DC Adam Fuller speak on Jacksonville State game

Thoughts on final play call and offensive struggles

CREDIT:, FSU Sports Information

Florida State football is 0-2 heading into Wake Forest game week after a 20-17 loss to FCS foe Jacksonville State. The Seminoles have lost each of their first two games on the final play of the game. To kick off Wake Forest week, offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham and defensive coordinator Adam Fuller met with the media as part of Monday’s press conferences. Special teams coordinator John Papuchis also spoke. Here’s some of what each had to say on the loss to JSU and where they go from here:

Dillingham on McKenzie Milton’s performance: “I thought McKenzie played well. He extended plays well. You know that’s something I wanted to see him do. He had some extended plays where, on third down, he got out in space, made a guy miss and got the first down, few busted plays he extended... that got us into a good situation.”

Dillingham on short-yardage struggles: “You take all the negative in the game... I mean only 35% of our plays were run with all 11 guys doing the right thing and that’s the emphasis I have to clean up as a coach. I’ve got to make sure we get all 11 guys doing the same thing, whether we run 4 plays in the game or 40 plays. We’ve got to have all 11 guys doing the exact same thing. And on those plays, that was the game... All five plays were negative plays.”

Dillingham on penalties: “It makes it nearly impossible. No team is going to make it getting a first down, gain of 15, nope penalty, second and 20. Another first down, nope penalty, second and 25... Those types of things, it goes back to you’ve got to be either explosive or efficient.”

For Dillingham’s full presser, via FSU sports information, see below:

Fuller on the defense’s effort so far: “I think, the definition of the way we’ve been playing the first two games have been with really outstanding effort.”

Fuller touching on the last play: “Yeah, not great answers. Just going back the last play, listen we didn’t want to be in that position as it was, but that’s how the game came down to it.”

For Fuller’s full presser, via Noles247, see below:

For Papuchis’ full presser, via FSU sports information, see below: