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The Triple Option: Breaking down FSU vs JSU

What exactly went wrong?

Florida State football had one of the worst losses in recent memory when it fell to the Jacksonville State Gamecocks by a score of 20-17.

The game culminated in a last-second touchdown for the Gamecocks but that was only a microcosm of the game as a whole. Throughout the game, costly mistakes and lackadaisical play haunted the Seminoles as they could never really gain traction.

Blame for this outcome has been littered around, ranging from the playcalling to the personnel decisions to the effort given on the field. At the Triple Option, we think that there is only one place to go to find the answers: the film.

This week Adam and Kevin give their thoughts on (what started as) a live mailbag episode that ends with a deep dive through every major play in Saturday’s game.

This was a wild game with wild implications on the future of this program. Make sure to give your thoughts on what you saw from the film and the best steps this staff can make to move in a positive direction for the next game.