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Jarvis Brownlee talks last-second play vs. Jacksonville State and steps forward

“Got to come back harder, 10 times harder this week and put in the work so I’m prepared, ready for the moment.”

NCAA Football: Jacksonville State at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State defensive back Jarvis Brownlee Jr. has been the target of heightened criticism this past week after missing a pass break up on the last play of the last drive with six seconds left on the game clock to secure a victory for the Jacksonville State Gamecocks 20-17. He spoke to the media Wednesday about that play in particular, personal and team issues, and how to overcome them looking forward to this week's matchup against Wake Forest.

  • The entire stadium was silent when the hail mary was in the air and caught for a touchdown but the redshirt freshman accepted responsibility for his mistake and took it on the chin.

“Like I said to coaches, players, my mom— big-time players make big-time plays and in that moment I was in position, I ain't do that.”

“I gotta be here for my group, for my teammates and my defense so you know I just threw that one out the window, and I gotta come back ten times harder this week. I'm prepared, I’m ready for the moment.”

  • With that responsibility and moving forward, he mentioned things that need to happen in order for the defensive backfield to find success entering into ACC play this week.

“Honestly the things that are going on in our group, it's not just on the field it starts off the field. So when we get things off the field correct, on the field things come just like that. It’s basically just locking in you know? Putting in the time and just knowing that this team needs us and we are the ones that have to hold it down on the back-end. So once everybody bond in and start learning the standard and know what the standard is then we are going to be that group that we are supposed to be and that we know that we can be.”

For Brownlee’s whole interview, via Noles247, see below: