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WATCH: DL Jermaine Johnson, Derrick McLendon talk to media on Wednesday

“Have great gap integrity and play where we are supposed to be.”

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 05 Notre Dame at Florida State Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

TALLAHASSEE- Florida State defensive coordinator Adam Fuller said earlier in the season that his defensive line would be the “front porch” of the defense. Two members of that “front porch” spoke with the media Wednesday in defensive lineman Jermaine Johnson II (tied for first in sacks in the country with 4.5) and the rising defensive end Derrick McLendon II. They spoke about work ethic, technique, and the upcoming game against the Louisville Cardinals.

Jermaine Johnson II

“They’re a dynamic team, good team, the quarterback is insanely dynamic. He can run like a receiver and he can throw as good as any quarterback. We have to be on our toes but, just like every team, attack their strengths prepare for it in practice and apply it on game day.”

  • For Johnson’s full interview, see below:

Derrick McLendon II

“Keep believing, keep doing everything they ask us to do. Keep believing in the process, keep understanding that this process is a process. We’re going to keep believing. We’re going to keep growing and we’re going to keep climbing.”

  • For McLendon’s full interview (via Noles247), see below:

The game will be aired on ESPN2 this Saturday at 3:30 pm ET.