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Watch, Read, Listen: FSU vs Louisville Preview

Are the Cardinals on their way up?

Louisville Cardinals head coach Scott Satterfield is in the early stages of a pivotal year three. After a rocky 2020 season and some offseason hijinks, it was beginning to seem like neither Louisville nor Satterfield were entirely pleased with their present situation.

The trend continued downward after a blowout loss to Ole Miss in week one. However, a big victory last Saturday over a solid UCF team may be the change in fortune the Cardinals need. A change that the Florida State Seminoles are desperately striving for as well.


Satterfield’s background is on the offensive side of the ball and his teams tend to reflect his style.

  • They heavily rely on pistol sets that give flexibility while giving away minimal information pre-snap
  • They base their offense off of stretch which gets the defense moving laterally
  • Then they use misdirection PA or inside zones to take advantage of flowing defenders
  • The key to their offense is quarterback Malik Cunningham who is a runner first but whose passing game continues to improve throughout his career.


Their defense tends to operate under one directive: stop the run.

  • They play a one-gap 3-4 that allows quick upfield movement by the defensive line
  • Their linebackers are aggressive in run fits and are heavily involved in the pass rush via stunts
  • This aggressiveness can leave them a bit vulnerable to the passing game.

Some of these concepts are a bit difficult to fully grasp on paper. So lets jump into the film to see what they look like on the field.