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The Triple Option: Instant Reaction to FSU’s loss to Louisville with CoachAB

A tale of two halves

NCAA Football: Louisville at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the end of days ladies and gentlemen.

We have reached that point of the season where we start looking forward to the offseason and potential coaching changes. A sad state of affairs for the Florida State football program but alas here we are.

Saturday afternoon FSU fell to the Louisville Cardinals in a non-competitive first half that turned into a tight battle in the second half. Head coach Mike Norvell took the blame in his postgame press conference, as always, but Kevin and I went live to share some of our thoughts first.

This program is in shambles right now and needing to find the right level of consistency to dig themselves out of a 0-4 hole. Where do they go from here? Listen to my instant reaction after the game and you will get a good sense for where my head is at. I’m interested in your thoughts now so please share below.