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The Triple Option: Film breakdown of FSU’s loss to Louisville

Addressing some common narratives

In the beginning, the Florida State Seminoles went 0-4. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

The Louisville Cardinals were the most recent roadblock on FSU’s race to the bottom of the barrel.

The Cardinals sped off to a 31-7 lead behind a solid performance by quarterback Malik Cunningham. However, that momentum couldn’t be sustained and FSU began to climb out of the hole throughout the second half. The Seminoles made up some ground but the early lead proved insurmountable as their valiant comeback was halted short of its objective.

A loss like this and a season like this can only spur on a litany of narratives as people search for answers. Some of these narratives are good. They help explain and alleviate some issues within the program. Some of these narratives aren’t as good. They deflect blame from the true issues and only serve to further handicap the program.

That's where the guys at the Triple Option come in. This week they play mythbuster as they evaluate the validity of a few claims surrounding this game and this team. Namely:

  • Did Louisville fundamentally changed their game plan for the second half, going too conservative to allow FSU back into the game?
  • Is McKenzie Milton is the biggest problem in the passing game?
  • Would the offensive issues would be solved if Jashaun Corbin and Treshaun Ward got all of the touches?
  • Are failures on 3rd down are due to coaching issues or talent issues?