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Florida State vs. Notre Dame: TN perspective from the stands

Not all was lost.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Norvell’s Florida State Seminoles football team fell 41-38 in overtime to Brian Kelly’s Notre Dame Fighting Irish Sunday night, and while it counts as an official loss, the Florida State atmosphere and determination impressed.

While Brett Nevitt and Tommy Mire officially covered the game for Tomahawk Nation, we had numerous writers in the stands, as well.

RaysnNoles: “When Norvell went for it on 4th, I though the team was going to mail it in. Coming back to force OT was amazing. Been to 100+ games and this is probably top 10.

Juan Montalvo: “Dude, same, Jay. That was a major deflating moment, but the comeback was electric. That atmosphere was as good as any I’ve been at in Doak.”

Matt Minnick: “What a fun game. Sure, a W would’ve been preferred, but that felt like a crowd that knew the team finally believes in itself.”

An interesting (humorous?) side note from Rays:

“I stayed until almost everyone was out of the stadium. There were 3 drunk ND fans (20 year old kids), who walked down to field level. One of them jumped down on the field, ran across it, stole a ball from the ND ball bag, ran back across the field, tossed it to his buddies, climbed up the wall and the ran down the tunnel—it was epic.”

And this video from Juan as FSU honored Bobby Bowden at halftime:

It’s just one game, but could it be a sign for greater things for Norvell’s Noles?

If you attended the game, we’d love to hear your observations in the comment section.