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VIDEO: Adam Fuller talks FSU’s defensive performance vs. Notre Dame

“It doesn’t have to be done perfect, but it’s got to be done hard. The effort showed up, the physicality showed up.”

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 05 Notre Dame at Florida State Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Florida State football had their first practice of Jacksonville State game week this morning. After practice, defensive coordinator Adam Fuller met with the media to review the Notre Dame game. Here’s some of what Fuller had to say:

On what he liked from Sunday: “I thought our front handled the pass game and run game really well. I really liked their responses throughout the whole game, all four quarters to be honest with you. I thought we fit things really tight. For the most part, we kept our edges. I thought we built a wall really well in the run game and I felt good about our pass rush, so those were the positives.”

On what he disliked from Sunday: “The negatives were we allowed too many big plays. Some of the one-on-ones, you never accept it, you never want it, but it’s part of doing business when you’re playing a lot of man coverage. Too many mistakes to allow a team that we thought had a good plan for to allow them out on some plays... You wish we were beyond it, but we’re not. It’s continuing improvement that’s necessary. We just got to make sure that the lessons that happened that weren’t positive, they’re learned and not repeated. The things we did well, we continue to build off with confidence.”

On effort and physicality: “It doesn’t have to be done perfect, but it’s got to be done hard. The effort showed up, the physicality showed up.”

“Two of the plays we showed this morning were two of our worst plays, execution-wise. It was kind of, how do you fix problems? With great effort, great determination, and great finish.”

“Most sports, even most professions, we all have success when we put the time in and the effort. There’s no magic to all this. To teach them in a pressure moment or a big play or a big game, just go back to playing hard. Don’t make it complicated... play with an unbelievable mindset, a willingness to outwork your opponent, and do that play after play. I think that message is being given, but it’s being received a little bit more right now for whatever reason.”

On 3rd and 17 blitz: “We’re always going to try to be aggressive and there’s a line of work. A lot of things go into good calls, a lot of things go into bad calls. We could have executed it better, but at the end of the day, that’s on me.”

On today’s practice: “Tuesdays have to be a certain way around here and I thought today was a good Tuesday.”

On Kalen Deloach: “Kalen Deloach, he’s someone that we think has the skill at linebacker that we look for. We think he can cover, we think he can blitz, we think he can fit the run. He had a good, solid game.”

For Fuller’s full presser (via Noles247), see below: