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The Triple Option: Breaking down FSU versus Notre Dame

Does the tape reflect the result?

Welcome to the 2021 football season for Florida State football. The Noles took on #9 ranked Notre Dame in what quickly became a Labor Day classic, with FSU losing in overtime 41-38.

Storylines are just spewing out of notes from this game. First and foremost is the return of McKenzie Milton. Milton has been sidelined for over 1000 days and made his first appearance with FSU late in the fourth quarter. Milton would rally the team and lead them to the doorstep of victory.

Another major storyline was the improved play of the defense. While many won’t want to hear it, defensive coordinator Adam Fuller’s defense showed tremendous growth. The positive energy started up front with the line and ended with the secondary. Led by Jermaine Johnson and Jarvis Brownlee there is real promise for this defense.

Embedded and linked below is the film breakdown from the game. Please remember to like and subscribe the video and turn on those notifications. Give us some of your game thoughts once you finish with the video.