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The Triple Option: Scouting Trey Benson, more Alex Atkins offensive analysis

How does new OC Alex Atkins fit into FSU’s offensive system?

There seems to be little happening in the world of Florida State football. Early Signing day has passed, pre-spring transfers have found their homes, and spring football is still months away, but there is no rest for the Triple Option.

Last week, Kevin posted a solo video breaking down Alex Atkins which you can find here. However, FSU’s new offensive coordinator deserves more than seven minutes of film review and there is no one more qualified to give additional insight than Coach AB who was himself an ex-offensive line coach turned offensive coordinator.

In addition, there is one transfer that the crew has yet to break down. Oregon running back Trey Benson has little game film to go off of and has sparked a small controversy in the fanbase. Is he a good take or was this an overzealous attempt to get a transfer in before spring camp?

Resident host Trey Rowland was missing from this week’s episode to do the Triple Option’s first interview with an FSU staff member. Check back later this week for that show.