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Newcomers Greedy Vance, Deuce Spann, Johnny Wilson, and Trey Benson speak on FSU

“I see a coaching staff that really cares for their players. I see players that really care for other players.”

NCAA Football: UCLA at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State incoming transfers Greedy Vance, Duece Spann, Johnny Wilson, and Trey Benson spoke with the media today mid-tour of duty and spoke on a variety of subjects including transfer decisions, strength and conditioning, and relationships.

Below are select quotes from the interviews, as well as video:

Greedy Vance, Louisville Cardinals transfer

  • On getting back closer to home and his decision to transfer to Florida State.

“I was just looking for a place to get back closer to home. Being out at Louisville was difficult during the season, to see my family, I just had to get back closer to home.”

“When I entered the portal coach [Marcus] Woodson had texted my phone and he was just telling me like, I couldn't get you in high school so I need you here, so we already knew each other. He recruited me at Auburn along with coach YAC [David Johnson] from New Orleans so we always had that mutual respect and that bond, so I knew coming here would be a real good decision.”

  • On his potential role in the defense.

“We’re not really in spring ball right now so I can't really tell you but when I was talking to coach Fuller in the portal he was telling me that I was going to be listed as a DB, so therefore, right now I’m going to be all over the field.”

  • On what Greedy likes about Florida State.

“What I see is, not trying to badmouth anyone, not saying that Louisville wasn't the same way, I see a coaching staff that really cares for their players. I see players that really care for other players. Not wanting to let each other down, holding each other accountable. All the little things, just motivating each other day in and day out.”

  • How Vance got the nickname “Greedy.”

“Andreus Williams went to LSU, he inspired me a lot coming out of high school. I actually went to an LSU camp, he was there and I was competing really well. I was like, that's who I want to be and it really stuck to me my senior year,[when] I had caught nine interceptions.”

Johnny Wilson, Arizona State transfer

  • Wilson on what enticed him to come to FSU.

“Just hearing him [Norvell] talk about how he can help develop me as a receiver, ultimately, and maximize my skillset in the offense he would like to run. He made a promise to me and he said ‘I’m not going to let you be an average receiver.’ he said ‘I’m going to force you to be great.’ and that really stood out to me.”

  • On where he sees himself in the offense.

I see myself as a versatile receiver, I can play inside, I can play slot, I can play outside receiver. I do whatever the team needs to ultimately win. I want to win. I can see myself doing it all honestly.”

  • Johnny on first impressions of quarterback Jordan Travis.

“When I first got here, Jordan was one of the first people to take me in and show me around. I really got to know him. Being out there doing these player ran practices, I got to see a little bit where his mind was at calling plays, what he’s looking for in certain plays. I think his intelligence or the game and of the offense, he knows what he wants and where things and people to be at. That's another thing that also got me excited being with someone that also wants to learn and wants to get better.”

Deuce Spann, Illinois Fighting Illini transfer

  • On why he chose FSU.

“They talked to me about how I could develop and just be a great athlete here and how they can use me and get involved with my hands and help the team. How I could just help them make plays and stuff.”

  • On making the switch from quarterback to wide receiver.

“It was kinda tough for me to switch my position to receiver because I always wanted to be a quarterback first. But when I was at Illinois I saw that I could help the team switching to receiver and help them win games. That is really the reason why I made the switch so I could help the team.”

  • Deuce on how the receiver room has been.

“All the receivers have been helpful have been telling me stuff about the playbook, things the coaches like, things they do in practice and stuff so they’ve all been helpful.”

Trey Benson, Oregon Ducks transfer

  • Benson on his relationship with the coaching staff.

“They were actually my first offer from high school. Coach Norvell is a great coach, I wanted to give him an opportunity but I had bigger plans at Oregon. But now I've got the chance to give him the opportunity so I’m glad I'm in Tallahassee now.”

“They’re real, I can talk to them about anything. I actually just met Coach Atkins right when I hit the portal but when I first talked to him we clicked like right there, we were best friends like right then.”

  • On why he chose FSU.

“It was a big opportunity for me because of Jashaun Corbin leaving. There's not a primary back right now. We are all just going to come compete so I’m just here to compete and develop myself and let the coach develop me too.”

  • On how he’s recovered from his knee injury and his availability for spring.

“Right now, I’m 100 percent. I feel very confident in my knee. This season that had just passed, I was hesitant, but it took reps in practice every day. Right now I’m 100 percent.“

“I’m gonna be full go. I’m a bigger back but me being a bigger back means I’m kinda special because I have speed. I have a lot of power and speed.”

  • Benson says he models his game after former FSU star Cam Akers.

“I love Cam Akers. Him being from Mississippi and him being at Florida State is kinda a coincidence but I try to model my game after Cam Akers. I watched Cam since I was in elementary school. I watched him all the way growing up. When he was in Clinton winning championships in Clinton, scoring seven touchdowns in the state championship game, and then him going to Florida State. I watched him throughout college, in high school and, in the NFL too.”