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The Triple Option: Transfer film breakdown and UA All-America game recap

Breaking down some immediate impact players

The end of the early signing period used to mean that coaching staffs could step back, take a sigh of relief, and have a minute with their families before spring rolled back around. However, in the days of the transfer portal, that no longer remains a possibility.

The Florida State coaching staff is no exception. They have been hot on the trail overhauling this roster one transfer at a time. In the past couple of weeks, three transfers have inked a spot on FSU’s 2022 roster. Two of those signees have been receivers adding the smooth striding Deuce Spann and the massive hybrid tight end Johnny Wilson. They also signed floor-raising defensive back right from under the nose of their ACC Atlantic foe Louisville.

In other FSU newcomer news, four-star quarterback commit AJ Duffy outshined some major competition this past week in the Under Armour All-American game. He was lauded for his accuracy and decision making which he showed off on a national stage this past Sunday.

With these major events in FSU football news, it means there's new football to be watched and when there's FSU football to be watched there is no one better to do it with than the guys at the Triple Option.