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Quick hitter: Mistakes snowball in loss to Clemson

FSU has lost three straight games after starting 4-0

Charles Mays/Tomahawk Nation

Florida State Seminoles football saw the culmination of its flirtations with disaster over the last few weeks, allowing small mistakes to snowball from close losses to a what-should-have-been a blowout one against the No. 4 Clemson Tigers.

FSU, after starting off the year 4-0 and earning its first top 25 ranking since 2018, has lost three straight games and its seventh straight to the Tigers, who once again have asserted themselves as the top team in the ACC and the Atlantic.

The stretch vs. Wake Forest, NC State and Clemson was a litmus test of the progress that the Seminoles had truly made in year three under head coach Mike Norvell and an 0-3 mark reflects they still have a bit to go before reasserting itself as a legitimate contender for a division title, let alone a conference one.

FSU took nearly 23 minutes of game time to score its first points of the second half, ending a 27-0 Clemson scoring run that shattered any illusions of the Seminoles snapping its losing streak to the Tigers. Florida State managed to close the gap in what amounted to garbage time, putting together admittedly-impressive 60 and 94-yard drives to make the game a 34-28 final.

There are no moral victories, especially in the midst of a three-game losing streak, but closing the gap with all odds and momentum stacked against the Seminoles is reflective of the fight the team has displayed over the last few years under Norvell. Unfortunately, the loss also was reflective of the last few years as the loss dropped him to 12-16 at Florida State.

FSU now will get a bye week to readjust, regroup and hopefully replenish an injury-ravaged roster that has taken its licks over the last three weeks.

FSU vs. Clemson stats

Total yards

FSU: 460

Clemson: 370

Passing yards

FSU: 254

Clemson: 203

Rushing yards

FSU: 206

Clemson: 167

Yards per play

FSU: 6.1

Clemson: 5.5

Yards per rush

FSU: 6.1

Clemson: 3.8

Yards per Completion

FSU: 10.6

Clemson: 13.5

Third Downs

FSU: 7 for 13

Clemson: 9 for 17