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Making the grade: A look at FSU offensive line advanced analytics

How PFF graded out FSU’s offensive line against the Tigers

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 15 Clemson at Florida State Photo by Chris Leduc/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Florida State Seminoles dropped their third straight loss this past Saturday. FSU found success in the ground game but could not pull off the comeback win. The Clemson Tigers jumped out to a large second half lead which forced the Seminoles to abandon the running attack for much of the half. If FSU had kept the game close, it would have been intriguing to see if Clemson would have brought more into the box to stop FSU’s backs.

After each week, Tomahawk Nation will take a peek at FSU’s PFF grades along the line, offering some insight into the numbers and performances.

Florida State offensive line grades

Offensive Line PFF Grades

Florida State offensive line performance takeaways with @Ricobert11

  • PFF is not a perfect scoring system. The graders cannot be 100% of the assignments on each play.
  • PFF CFB Scale: 90-100 Elite, 85-89 All-Conference, 70-84 Starter, 60-69 Backup, <60 replaceable.
  • Jazston Turnetine had his best game since LSU
  • Overall, it’s clear that the PFF grades are on a curve. Clemson has the best defensive line FSU will see all season. Florida State’s offensive line should have performed much worse than their season average against Clemson. Instead each starter played near (Emmanuel, Gibbons, Scott) or above (Smith, Turnetine) their season average grades.
  • Hats off to the big guys up front

@Ricobert11 can be found on Twitter providing analysis on all things Florida State and weather.

PFF (Pro Football Focus) is a sports analytic company that focuses on thorough analysis of the National Football League(NFL) and NCAA Division-1 football in the United States. PFF produces 0–100 Player Grades and a range of advanced statistics for teams and players by watching, charting, and grading every player on every play in every game both at the NFL and FBS level.