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What went right, wrong for FSU on offense vs. NC State

While the Seminoles defense showed up the offense just could not do enough in this game to win. Not scoring in the second half was just brutal.

NCAA Football: Florida State at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State Seminoles football ended the first half looking like they were on the way to a dominating victory — instead, it failed to score another point in the game.

FSU loses a gut-wrenching 17-19 matchup that should have been very different.

Here’s a look at how the Seminoles’ offense performed.

What went right

In the first half, the Seminoles were able to get the ball moving after a slower start from the offense.

The biggest thing going their way was the big chunk plays from Jordan on the ground with some nice scrambles and some big catches from Ontaria Wilson and Johnny Wilson that were both 25+ yards.

Jordan Travis showed elite ball placement in the first half and if not for a few drops the Seminoles could of run the score up even more than their initial 17-3 lead.

At the end of the half the Seminoles were elite in some key stats:

  • 8.4 yards per play
  • 294 total yards on offense
  • 4-8 on third down

Just an elite offensive performance from FSU in the first half

This was a very impressive throw and catch from Jordan Travis and Mycah Pittman:

Note from the 2nd Quarter: Mycah Pittman is him

Johnny Wilson continues to show off his NFL frame:

The second half was unfortunately a different story for the Seminoles.

What went wrong

Some things went right in the first half for the ‘Noles but there were missed chances as well.

The Seminoles running backs had no room to run the offensive line is struggling to move NC State’s defensive line especially in the interior.

In the 1Q one the first drive Turnetine had a false start on 3rd and 7 and on the very next drive on 3rd and 10 he allowed a sack.

Drops killed the ‘Noles in the first half from both Wilson’s (Pokey and Johnny) as well as an end-zone drop from Malik McClain. If just one of those drops would have come down for FSU this game would of had a different outcome.

Getting to the second half, it was nothing short of a complete meltdown

  • 0 points
  • 93 total yards
  • 7 penalties 75 yards
  • 1-5 on third down
  • 2 turnovers
  • 9:16 time of possession

Jordan Travis was near perfect until the last 7-minutes of the game when he finished with two interceptions at the worst time in the game. The first was at the start of the drive with 6+ minutes left. The last was with 0:44 left in the game.

Ultimately Jordan Travis dropped the ball at the end of the game and that cannot be missed or forgotten. The 0 points in the second half were unacceptable, they were sloppy and just could not move the ball.

But it would be equally unfair to dismiss the missed opportunities from the Seminoles wide receivers in the first half... with the drops that happened the team should have scored a minimum of 24 points.

In particular, a drop in the end-zone from Malik McClain would have changed the game, which is unfortunate because he has not played a lot recently and has been getting fewer and fewer targets.

At the end of the day, there were so many opportunities for FSU on offense that could have swung this game and they were just not good enough. The defense provided enough for the Seminoles to win, but their offense fell short when they were most needed.