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FSU vs. Syracuse: Halftime notes, thoughts, stats

Florida State with a fantastic defensive performance so far

NCAA Football: Florida State at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

No. 23 Florida State, seeking its best finish in ACC play since 2016, is so far taking care of business on the road against the Syracuse Orange, buoyed by an impressive defensive performance.

On offense, the Seminoles’ have had a few inconsistent drives but have put up 21 points so far despite two punts and a lost fumble. It’s been a wide receiver showcase, with Malik McClain and Johnny Wilson each logging impressive scores on screen plays.

Even with FSU averaging 6.6 yards per play on offense, the defense has been the difference maker. The Seminoles’ front has terrorized a hobbled Garrett Schrader, making the start at quarterback after being questionable this week with an injury. Syracuse has just 61 yards so far, averaging 2.3 yards per play (though are averaging 11.3 yards per completion). Defensive end Jared Verse, continuing his impressive 2022, has been a particular terror, registering three tackles (one for a loss) and a sack in addition to logging drawing holding penalties.

After starting the ball on defense, Florida State will begin the second half with the ball.

FSU vs. Syracuse halftime stats


Total yards

FSU: 236

Syracuse: 61

Passing yards

FSU: 127

Syracuse: 34

Rushing yards

FSU: 109

Syracuse: 27

Yards per play

FSU: 6.6

Syracuse: 2.3