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Everything you can expect to experience at a Florida State tailgate

Heading to Tallahassee for a college football game, here’s what to expect.

Clemson v Florida State Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The heat in Tallahassee has finally broken; long sleeves and jeans are a welcome sign that the summer is over, and with bowl season on the horizon, the Florida State Seminoles look to take on the Miami Hurricanes this Saturday and improve off their 41-16 win over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets last weekend.

November will be an interesting month. With two rivalries, two away games, and the Florida Gators at home, the Seminole plate will be stacked, hoping to win out in the regular season.

As with any game, fan bases play a major part in building the college football atmosphere that we’ve all grown to love.

Charles Mays — Tomahawk Nation

You can stroll by the sunglassed cheers and pop into whatever tent you want, expecting to have food and intelligent football conversations. You can spot former Hall of Famers playing cornhole with some four and 5-star recruits.

Charles Mays — Tomahawk Nation

There isn’t a place in America, it seems, where the coaches are outside taking pictures and laughing with a crowd of Garnet and Gold.

I can hear the Warchant from the IPF and Gene Deckerhoff yelling “Touchdown!” out of the speaker at the sod cemetery. I can smell the burgers sizzling on a grill. There are statues of greats pointing wayward to the sky. Statues of champions riding on horseback with a spear ablaze monumenting the achievements, not only from the football team but from the Seminole Tribe itself. There are smiles — sometimes tears, but the overall passion remains consistent.

Charles Mays — Tomahawk Nation

This is one of the greatest places to experience college football. The student section, hands raised through thick and thin. Rain or shine, victory or upset, the tradition in Tallahassee has been left unscathed.

So what are your tailgating traditions? Do you wear the same jockstrap you shot like a slingshot at your roommate for kicks? Do you play a Taylor Swift album at record-setting volume and talk about your ex, who will probably be trying to flip a car in the parking lot with his friends after FSU beats Miami?

It’s always a welcoming sight to see the Seminoles on game day.

Charles Mays - Tomahawk Nation

Charles Mays — Tomahawk Nation

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