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Fan perspective from Florida State’s thrilling rivalry win over Florida Gators

How sweet it is.

Tomahawk Nation men’s basketball analyst Matt Minnick has been attending Florida State football games since 1986, although his first real memories are from the 1988-89 seasons. He believes Friday night was the 20th time he’s been a spectator for the head-to-head matchup vs. the Florida Gators.

I was able to catch up with him shortly after the Seminole victory to glean his perspective from the stands and what this might do for the program going forward.

Wow. Instantly one of the top 50 games in FSU history. And if it ends up being a launching point for recruits and an ACC title or College Football Playoff berth next year, or the year after, it can probably move into the top 25.

Late in the first half you could start to feel a little sense of growing concern. But the third quarter re-ignited the stands and set up a truly wild atmosphere in the 4th. People stood for the entire second half.

There was understanding in the moment that the refs were clueless. It’s like they were set to “random mode” with their decisions. And making matters worse, Doak was rocking so loud you couldn’t hear the whistle half the time. Made it tough for players to really know when plays were dead, and I’m surprised there weren’t more personal foul calls.

My blood pressure would’ve preferred 45-3. But that was just a wonderful game to watch if you were a third party fan and one of the games I’ll talk about and fondly remember 25 years from now when I’m still in my same seats.