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Head coach Mike Norvell talks bowl prep, UF win after Wednesday practice

“I really like the direction I’m seeing, and the choices guys are making.”

Peyton Baker - Tomahawk Nation

Florida State head coach Mike Norvell met with the media on Wednesday to kickstart practice for bowl season. The Noles are coming off a 45-38 win against the Florida Gators last weekend and are on a five-game winning streak looking to make it to ten wins and finish out the year strong.

“I thought today was a good workday,” Norvell said. “It was good seeing the guys get out. We had a few days off since the last game. It was good to get them out, get some fundamental work really light just from the physical part of it. It was kinda a two-phase practice with the guys that have really played a lot throughout the season. Just trying to refine and stay on top of our fundamentals.”

There will be a few players making the decision on whether or not they should return to Tallahassee after the season, either for the NFL Draft of transfer portal.

When asked about potential departures, Norvell said that he plans on meeting with all of the players throughout December and that the position coaches are mostly handling that at this time.

“They're real. They’re transparent and honest meetings of where guys are at, and we’ve had a lot of growth in this program. I really like the direction I'm seeing, and the choices guys are making. With that, it is just trying to make sure that everybody is on the same page on the expectations moving forward.”

When that time does come, Norvell said that he unselfishly gives advice and is committed to what is best for the student-athlete.

“Anytime a young man has a decision to make, I’m not just going to throw out an opinion just to have one; I want to get all of the information. We’re going to go through every process. It was a commitment I made as a young coach, kind of coming up. All things and all the advice I give is going to be what is best for the student-athlete. You know, that might not always be best, selfishly but wanting to make sure that we help guide them for their future opportunities.”

Norvell’s full interview can be seen below.