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Florida State dominates Miami in all phases in blowout win

A dominant game from start to finish in South Florida for the Seminoles.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State- It was a dominant win for the ‘Noles in South Florida, and it was never really close. FSU was the more talented, well-coached football team.

Hands down, this was the best game and best half of football (the first) this team has played all season.

First Half

The Seminoles almost went three and out on their opening drive but were aided with a defensive pass interference to help get that initial first down on a long third down.

A few plays after Travis hit Ontaria Wilson on a deep touchdown in which Jordan threw it over 25+ air yards, continuing his trend of scoring on his deep throws. The drive itself only took 1:38 of game time. The Seminoles have been really hot on their opening drives.

On their first defensive drive, they held the Hurricanes to only a few explosive plays but too many penalties allowed them to get into field goal range and convert 7-3.

After the Canes' initial drive on offense, it would be total domination for the Seminoles on both sides of the ball.

Trey Benson was getting the ball as much as they could give it to him, and they ended their second drive with a DJ Lundy touchdown. The offense came out of the gates moving the ball extremely well.

The first quarter was all ‘Noles and it would not stop there.

Unfortunately to start the second quarter Jordan had an uncharacteristic turnover on a deep shot, only his second INT over 20+ yards all season.

But the Seminoles came right back and ran the ball three straight times with Trey Benson to get his first touchdown of the day. After that drive, he was averaging 10+ yards per carry and was not slowing down.

After the initial injury to Tyler Van Dyke the Miami offense struggled to move the ball, in the second quarter the Noles’ defensive line was very disruptive. Miami finished the first half averaging 2.9 yards per play.

The Seminoles owned the first half on the ground - they only threw the ball 10 times and ran the ball 28 times.

Overall the ‘Noles finished with 304 net yards on offense compared to Miami’s 74 total net yards, total domination on both sides of the ball.

Second Half

The Seminoles were the more well-coached disciplined football team. It showed in the second half - the Hurricanes had to call two timeouts in the third quarter because of pre-snap problems.

The Hurricanes did have a good drive going in the third quarter going the whole length of the field but they then fumbled on the goal line. The pressure the Seminoles were generating was just too much for Miami’s offense to handle.

Afterward, the Miami fans were leaving the game in droves...

Neither team scored points in the third quarter - but the Noles first play in the 4th quarter was a TD throw in the red zone to Camm McDonald.

This was the healthiest the Seminoles had been since their LSU game and it showed, while Treshaun Ward did not play in the game they did not need him.

The ‘Noles have always been a run-first team but they put that on full display in South Florida. Jordan did have one mistake in the second quarter on the deep attempt to Ontaria Wilson but he was near perfect for the rest of the game.

Trey Benson averaged 8.5 yards per carry on the day, Travis finished with a 290.6 quarterback rating. Jordan only threw the ball 12 times but finished with 200+ passing yards and 3 touchdowns.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Seminoles suffocated Miami’s offense getting pressure often. They also were able to turn the ball over with an interception and a forced fumble with two total fumble recoveries.

Greedy Vance got the interception and Pat Payton had a great forced fumble where he just drove the Miami OL into their QB.

This was the most complete game this team has played all year — from start to finish this team was dominant.