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5 questions, 5 answers: FSU beats down Miami

Florida State wins second straight vs. the Hurricanes

Florida State v Miami Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Florida State beat down the Miami Hurricanes on Saturday, leaving Hard Rock Stadium with a 45-3 victory.

Below, the Tomahawk Nation staff tackles five questions from the game.

What was your favorite part of the game?

Perry: Scoring a touchdown immediately after getting bailed out by a pass interference call. It was the correct call, but knowing that Miami fans were just screaming at the television after that series of events was a great tone-setter for the rest of the night.

Tommy: The running game was phenomenal. I would say it’s a two-parter for me. How well the RBs were able to perform and wondering what Travis said to his team after the game was in the books. I think it meant a lot to him to have this victory for the rest of the team.

LastNoleOfkrypton: Can I say all of it? I’m going to say all of it. Absolute domination. This game was over when FSU got off the bus.

Evan Johnson: Jammie Robinson absolutely disrespecting Jacurri Brown. That’s up there with Timmy Jernigan’s hip toss.

Gwyn Rhodes: Jared Verse breaking the U (happy bday!)

More impressive — Florida State offense or defense?

Tommy: Can I say both? They were two dominant performances on both sides of the ball.

Perry: The defense was fantastic but I have to at least caveat it with the fact that the Hurricanes’ offense is awful. Seeing the offense execute to perfection through both land and air was a vision of what this team is supposed to look like week in and week out if it does what it needs to do.

LastNoleOfKrypton: I’m going to go with the defense only because the offense turned it over. The defense whooped them physically and Jammie Robinson ragdolling Jacurri Brown is indicative of how the entire night went.

Evan Johnson: The defense. It’s super hard to pick one as FSU took it to Miami in every phase of the game but the defense put up time and time again. Admittedly the Miami offense is bad but they had gotten a bit healthier with the return of TVD and Restrepo. That didn’t seem to matter to the defense.

Is Trey Benson the best offensive player for FSU outside of Jordan Travis?

Tommy: He definitely was tonight. He took over the game and didn’t let up, and made some pretty Cook-esque runs.

Perry: It’s reflective of the upgrade in talent that you could make a legit argument for a few others players, but through eight games it for sure has been him. Like Tommy mentioned, he’s the first player for me since Dalvin Cook where I expect him to break at least three tackles a run and it isn’t even a shock anymore.

LastNoleOfKrypton: Yes he is; every week he brings it at a level that makes the defense regret trying to tackle him. He’s been excellent all season

Evan Johnson: Maybe even if you remove the words “outside of Jordan Travis” I would say yes. He’s not the most important player on FSU’s offense but his ability to break tackles is crazy. If he had top-end speed he’d be a first-round pick.

What is your nitpick from the game?

Tommy: I can't really say I disliked anything. The absolute trash can of a team that Miami put on the field takes away from FSU’s improvement.

Perry: Maybe that FSU didn’t score 50?

LastNoleOfKrypton: Need Travis to be willing to throw it away sometimes but that’s really it.

Evan Johnson: That Miami is in this situation. The program went out and hired a middling coach and acted like it was a big deal. Mario has done little to nothing in his coaching career (I’m going to ignore his stint at FIU because of institutional weirdness) and really Miami got worse after their coaching search. Having said that I’d be happy to have Mario as FSU’s next OL coach.

Gwyn Rhodes: Why did DJ Lundy not take more offensive reps?

No question — just a free space to make fun of Miami


Perry: The funniest part is just remembering how happy Miami fans were that FSU beat the Hurricanes last year because they got to fire Manny Diaz.

Evan Johnson: This was FSU’s largest margin of victory at Miami since 1984. Miami fans were thanking FSU for getting Manny fired....