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FSU blasts Miami 45-3: Here’s what went right and what went wrong on offense

Another showcase of what FSU’s offense should look like under Mike Norvell

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida State offense has had its moments. A stellar three-headed rushing attack led by Treshaun Ward and record-breaking games from quarterback Jordan Travis highlight transfers and veteran players alike in 2022, allowing the Noles to take down their first instate rival of the season last night.

Ward didn’t participate in Saturday’s slaughter; however, the Noles still pulled off the largest margin of victory against the Miami Hurricanes on the road, yet another performance for the record books this season.

What went right

As with most of the year, the offense started fast and with points. Jordan Travis was able to find Ontaria Wilson open in the middle of the field after a jet motion drew the defense to the opposite side for a 56-yard touchdown catch.

Huge chunk plays have been where the Noles have made their money, and there was plenty to go around in Coral Gables.

The rushing attack proved to be a staple in the offense led by Trey Benson, starting a scoring drive with a 46-yard run followed by Travis delivering a two-yard touchdown to DJ Lundy, a new wrinkle for DJ, who normally plays on the other side of the ball. Twitter

Travis finished the first quarter 4-4, throwing two touchdowns but also seemed to be the third head in the rushing attack by rushing seven times in critical moments.

The offensive line was able to open holes for Benson and Toafili all night, and Benson took advantage while dominating the game, rushing for 92-yards and two touchdowns in the first, which would carry on throughout the night.

For the second week in a row, Travis was able to distribute the ball to 10 different receivers showing his ability to spread the ball around equally.

The top story of the night had to have been Benson’s and Travis’ performance. Nearly every time Benson touched the ball, there were broken tackles and big gains. He averaged 8.5 YPC with 128-yards and two scores. Travis finished his night 10-12 for 200+ yards and three touchdowns.

The Hurricanes really had no answer for Florida State’s offense, and trying to guard one aspect of it would only open up the other. The Noles struck first and never looked back.

*Running back CJ Campbell found himself in the endzone scoring his second career touchdown.

Halftime stats

  • Passing — Jordan Travis (8-10, 169-yards, two touchdowns)
  • Rushing — Trey Benson (94-yards, two touchdowns, 8.5 per carry)
  • Receiving — Lawrance Toafili (three catches, 75-yards)

End of game stats

  • Passing — Jordan Travis (10-12, 202-yards, three touchdowns)
  • Rushing — Trey Benson (128-yards, two touchdowns, 15 carries)
  • Receiving — Lawrance Toafili (three catches, 75-yards)
  • Total yards — 454 (225 passing, 229 rushing)

What went wrong

Travis had some decision-making calls that he probably wished he could have back. Overthrowing Ontaria Wilson on a deep route ended in an interception by UM defensive back DJ Ivy might’ve been one of two mistakes he had, and you couldn’t really call it that. Ivy made an outstanding play on the ball, and 85 percent of the time, the pass would’ve ended in an incompletion.

Florida State v Miami Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

In all honestly, there wasn’t much to gripe about with the way FSU’s offense handled themselves on Saturday. Maybe route running? But that is pushing it. The offense played a near-perfect performance, and, more importantly, the team was able to execute on all three levels in a complete game, giving FSU a much-needed win.