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FSU coordinators preview Syracuse, talk 45-3 win over Miami

“I’m excited because those guys are playing for each other, and that’s what makes it fun to coach”

FSU Athletics

The Florida State Seminoles are reeling off a 41-3 win over the Miami Hurricanes last weekend and now set their sights on the Syracuse Orange, who are dealing with a loss against Pittsburg and a starting quarterback situation much like the last three opponents have been for the Noles.

Coordinators Alex Atkins, Adam Fuller, and John Papuchis spoke with the media on Monday to detail their performance against the Canes and look ahead to Syracuse.

Offensive coordinator Alex Atkins

The offense has put up massive numbers this season and especially last Saturday with 454-yards; when asked about the Orange’s defense, Atkins said,

“They like to dictate. They want to establish what they want it to be, and they want to make you adjust to them; they’re going to present some challenging looks. The thing I like about their defense is their hustle.”

Linebacker DJ Lundy has caught a touchdown and rushed for two this season, and when asked about identifying that talent within the roster, he said that head coach Mike Norvell sees that position as his baby and that he takes a ton of pride in it.

Well, that’s coach Norvell’s — that’s his baby, that full-back position, you know, whenever we work on that full-back stuff. He he takes a lot of ownership in that position because that’s his position.

Atkins goes over the offensive line improvement, the standouts on offense from last week, and more in his full interview below.

Defensive coordinator Adam Fuller

The Seminoles played a full three-phase game against the Hurricanes, with the defense creating four takeaways. Defensive back Azareye’h Thomas had his second career interception on Saturday; Fuller said that those types of plays come naturally to him.

Talking about getting some new players in early in the game is something they have to plan for because they can’t always substitute players in and don’t consider them backups if they’re playing that early in the game. If you’re out there, you’re starting.”

“Up front, you don’t always control when you can sub upfront. so we had seven three-in-outs, and we would’ve had the ability to do it. Going into the game, you just don't know...If they’re in the game that early it’s not really the backups.”

When asked about defensive back Jammie Robinson’s dominant performance, he said that he’s known what he was capable of and that, “You’ve got to play defense. it's not about individual skill sets. So we use Jammie in multiple ways because he is smart, he understands it.”

DE Patrick Payton has played a larger role in the defense after redshirting last year, and Fuller said he’s been watching film and working hard in the weight room and that, “When you put that together with the ingredients of skill and a smart player who’s got a toughness to him, and then you put him in games and has some success, and now that builds some swagger with the confidence and some of the things he’s done he feels he’s earned the right to go out and make some of those plays.”

On Syracuse’s quarterback position and having their starting quarterback go down.

“There’s a lot more tape with him. In last year’s film, even though they have a new play caller this year, you know, this year's film, they got out to a 6-0 start and were one of the top teams in the country. I think he’s really improved as a passer. The system has helped him out; just his second year as a player, you’ve seen his growth.

“The backup that had to come into the Notre Dame game and then got the start against Pitt, there’s less film, but you can even look at the Pitt game, you know, they didn’t have as much success on offense, but you see the tools.”

Fuller goes over the development of players, success on defense, and more in his full interview below:

Special Teams coordinator John Papuchis

A few of the highlights of Saturday’s game were the punting and special teams units. Punter Alex Mastromanno seemed to have had a knack for pinning Miami deep.

“I mean, he’s super gifted in terms of his ability in those sky kick situations, but the guy’s covering, you know, Jamie Robinson, Pokey, Ja’Khi, they did a great job of getting to their landmarks...The play itself you know, was tremendous, but this is how you impact the game.”

Papuchis went over the development of Patrick Payton and his impact on the game and also detailed more on the importance of special teams, saying that he trusts wide receiver Mycah Pittman in those situations.

Papuchis goes over the newcomers getting important reps, how important special teams are and how they can impact the game, and more in his full interview below: