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FSU DB Greedy Vance, OL Dillan Gibbons, TE Camren McDonald speak after Tuesday’s practice

“That kind of systematic decline of a defense, that’s what wins football games”

The Florida State Seminoles are soaring off a 45-3 victory over the Miami Hurricanes last weekend and look to head up north and take on the Syracuse Orange Saturday night. Offensive lineman Dillan Gibbons, defensive back Greedy Vance, and Tight end Camren McDonald spoke to the media after practice on Tuesday to review Miami and look ahead to the Orange and finish off ACC play with a win. A victory on Saturday will be the first time FSU has finished conference play above .500 since 2016 (10-3, 5-3 ACC)

Dillan Gibbons

Offensive lineman Dillan Gibbons is coming off one of his best performances of the season, earning ACC lineman of the week alongside running back and teammate Trey Benson. Overall the line performed to open up counter-run lanes, and Gibbons said it started from a call to action from offensive coordinator Alex Atkins.

“Well, it says a lot. It as it kind of all started from a call to action from Coach Atkins. You know, asking us to do more, right? To establish the line of scrimmage and, you know, if we didn’t have success with counter then, you know, we probably would have lost that game,” saying, “That direct challenge early on last week made it personal and allowed us to go out there and play with reckless abandonment, you know, run downhill, wear them out with our double teams and try to take their heads off with pulls...That kind of systematic decline of a defense that’s what wins football games.”

Gibbons said that being able to tell the defense what play they were going to run and that there is nothing that they can do to stop it was a unique feeling.

“I mean, that’s just a really cool experience; you don’t really get many like that in the game of football but be able to line up, know the exact play you’re going to run, be able to tell the defense like hey I’m pulling right now we’re going to run counter and there’s not much you can do about it that’s a great feeling.”

Gibbons’ full interview can be seen below:

Greedy Vance

Greedy Vance caught the second interception of his career last Saturday and has earned some praise from head coach Mike Norvell about his work ethic throughout the camp. He said that it was part of the coverage called, and he was happy when he saw the ball coming his way.

“Yes, sir. That play we got a couple of times in scout teams, and I saw that route coming when it was called. It felt good; you just gotta make sure you catch it, and that’s all you need.”

When asked about transferring from Louisville into a program coming off a losing season in the off-season, Greedy said, “That was the biggest thing was just believing in what coach Norvell was saying because obviously coming out of the portal, I had a lot of questions, and he gave me truthful answers, and I believed in what he said so I took a risk, and he took a risk, so we are at where we at now. “

Vance’s full interview can be seen below:

Camren McDonald

Camren McDonald is a redshirt senior and has been on the team since 2018. This year he has been a bright spot helping convert 3rd downs and Saturday with a score. When asked about his improvement and how he felt about his touchdown catch, he said, “It felt good. It’s kind of like a combination of the whole year coming together and doing what I can for the team and to be rewarded in a big rivalry game so good, trying to build on that, keep going, keep going, energy and momentum going forward and to the Syracuse.


“Just showing up and just trying to get better. If you show up every day and try to get better, its easy to be consistent in the things that you're asked to do because you have the same positive mindset, positive approach, growth mindset at trying to get better every day, so I think it’s just daily improvement helps you be consistent.”

McDonald’s full interview can be seen below:

*Video courtesy of Noles247