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“We’re building a team to be able to win a championship:” Mike Norvell speaks after Thursday practice

“We’re not going to have just individuals; we’re building a team to be able to win a championship.”

NCAA Football: Florida State at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

FLORIDA STATE — Head coach Mike Norvell spoke to the media after Thursday’s practice during their first week in the postseason. FSU is coming off a 45-38 win over rival UF and finished their season with five straight wins, and are looking at a bowl game for the first time since 2019.

The No. 13 Seminoles are starting to buckle down, and some of the newcomers and guys in the depth chart are getting practice time to help further their development.

“It’s great to get in some extra work with some of the younger guys. And it’s not just younger guys, it’s guys who maybe didn’t get as many opportunities on the field this fall that we know that the potential is there. We just want to build upon consistency. Being able to have the extended session with some of the developmental guys. It’s critical, and I love the way they competed.”

Fifteen players were named to the All-ACC team this season, some were transfers, and others were not. Norvell said that his message is the same. “I tell every transfer, every high school recruit, I try to be as transparent as possible of the expectation of being a part of this team; we’re not going to have just individuals; we’re building a team to be able to win a championship.” Norvell said, “That’s what we’re building, and our guys know that expectation.”

Wide receiver Winston Wright announced his intentions to return for the 2023 season after missing the 2022 season with a leg injury. After being told he would be done for the season, Wright fought hard, and his timeline of recovery was reduced significantly because of that. Norvell spoke on Wright’s return.

“It was incredible. It’s a hard journey. That young man loves this game. He loves his teammates, he loves competing, and we want to make sure when he steps back on that field that, he is right. That he is, in all ways playing to the best of his ability. That will be a secondary thought of what he had to overcome, but he had a really good year. I’m so proud of him... I’m excited about watching him this year ahead in the off-season. He’s feeling good. He’s looking good getting some of that continued rehab and work out there on the field.”

Norvell’s full interview can be seen below.