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“I want that competitive spirit:” Mike Norvell pushing team ahead of Oklahoma showdown

“I want guys to be able to go compete, and there were some good teachable moments”

Peyton Baker - Tomahawk Nation

The No. 13 Florida State Seminoles (9-3, 5-3 ACC) are wrapping up their first week of bowl prep with a practice today and another on Sunday, leading to a short break, only to resume the following week. The first few practices have been shorter ones focusing on fundamentals, and the pads came with some light work.

Head coach Mike Norvell addressed the media afterward, detailing what he’s seeing from the team and what he expects moving forward to their December 29 Cheez-It Bowl showdown against the Oklahoma Sooners (6-6, 3-6 Big 12).

The defense seemed to be flying around and playing a little loose which resulted in some pretty big plays on their side of the ball; Norvell said that they were “still just focusing on fundamentals, details, and calls,” saying that “I want that competitive spirit. I want guys to be able to go compete, and there were some good teachable moments.”

With the bowl game nearing in a little under three weeks, players at every level are making decisions on whether or not to participate in this year’s bowl game and adding to the ones that have declared their return or an intention to leave, Norvell said that he has “not had anybody say that they are not playing yet, so we’ll see how that goes.” And that “We’ve had guys that I didn’t even ask say that they’re playing and that they've declared that they are playing, so we’re gonna prepare...I would expect a high majority of guys to be ready and participate in this game.”

With high-profile recruits present and more to come on the horizon in the following weeks, Norvell expressed the mindset he pushes in his coaches to be the best even after the strenuous season everyone has endured saying that “When you come out here today, they better see your best. If we’re going to ask them to be their best when they get here, then get your but up, and let's go.”

Norvell’s full interview can be seen below