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College Football Picks: Let’s Go Bowling

Fun pick em for all of Tomahawk Nation

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Holidays and welcome to bowl season for my merry band of degenerates who like to hang out in the comments of this little article we do each week.

It was a weird regular season for college football, but we made it to the end of the year both calendar and football. Our reward? One last sprinkle of college kickoffs spread all across the United States and the Bahamas over the next three weeks starting Friday.

That’s right. The games start on Friday December 16th.

We’re just about running out of time to organize our last competition of the year so without further ado, here is the link to this year’s Tomahawk Nation Pick Em group on ESPN. Just make sure you’ve got an account and then make your picks against the spread. If your name on ESPN is different than here on TN, I’d recommend dropping it in the comments here so we can know who is who.

Honestly, I’ll probably jump back in here throughout the bowl season to check in on how everybody is doing in case we want to use this as a chat for those non-Florida State games.

Once again in case you scrolled quickly above and missed it, here is the link to this year’s Tomahawk Nation Pick Em group on ESPN.

While I have all of you back together, let’s also recap championship week and the rest of our season.

We start with those championship week games. In that final week, I turned out easily my worst performance of the year, going 3-7.

Many of you struggled as well. Like my guy Noleyman who said, “Time to run the table with a perfectly picked week” and then only got Clemson correct. Thank you for making me feel slightly better about my disaster lol. He wasn’t alone in the struggles, but did give me the best giggle looking back at the picks (Thanks to Grassy Nole for the assist in catching that).

Speaking of Grassy Nole, they were the pretty clear Comment Section Champion with an 8-2 record. I think only one other person was over .500 this week. Congratulations to Grassy Nole on your first win of the season and welcome to the Comment Section Championship Hall of Fame.

In case you guys have forgotten who reached this illustrious title this season, here is the list:

Comment Section Champions:

  • Week 0 — NoleOhana (8-3) yeah, we did 11 games that week
  • Week 1 — OhNoleHeDidnt (7-3)
  • Week 2 — Jason Kuruvilla, DenverNoleFan & mr_britt (8-2)
  • Week 3 — mr_britt & trojan24man (9-1)
  • Week 4 — medav (7-3)
  • Week 5 — medav (7-3)
  • Week 6 — NoleGrad07 (7-3)
  • Week 7 — Noleyman & Noles95’ (8-2)
  • Week 8 — RWHUGHESJR (8-2)
  • Week 9 — NoleGrad07, RWHUGHESJR & Noleyman (6-4)
  • Week 10 — Ukedadnole (7-3)
  • Week 11 — medav (9-1)
  • Week 12 — 89noles, Jason Kuruvilla & 72gymrat (7-3) **Brian went 8-2**
  • Week 13 — mr_britt, RWHUGHESJR, Ukedadnole, csfuu and medav (7 wins) **Brian had 8**
  • Week 14 — Grassy Nole (8-2)

Could you be the next Comment Section Champion? Join our Tomahawk Nation Bowl Pick Em on ESPN by clicking here.

Now let’s look at the season long big picture.

Our best weeks were three different 9-1 weeks. Those came from mr_britt and trojan24man in Week 3 as well as medav in Week 11. Congratulations on the best single week effort.

I don’t keep your season long total win-loss record because I honestly don’t have enough time in my life to dedicate to that. If you’re curious, I went 81-75, finishing above .500 despite my truly horrible final week. And before you ask, yes it’s easier to track mine. Read the other articles. I explain that.

So in lieu of counting up all your wins and losses throughout the year, I’m going to decided that I’ll do a medal stand for most weeks won, counting from the bottom to top (if you’ll allow me to be dramatic).

In total, we had 16 different winners. Seven people won multiple weeks.

I could see some controversy over the weeks that I actually beat the comment section, but it doesn’t impact our overall champion and it’s in the hall of fame already so I’ll still count them.

Tied for 3rd with two weeks won: Jason Kuruvilla, NoleGrad07, Noleyman and Ukedadnole.

Tied for 2nd with three weeks won: mr_britt and RWHUGHESJR.

And in 1st with four weeks won: medav!

Congratulations to each of you!

Thank you to everybody for participating this year. If you spent this year in the shadows, allow me to push you into the center of the dance floor and once again put the link for our Bowl Game Pick Em on ESPN. Get involved now and next season.

Until then, I’ll see you guys on the Seminole Wrap podcast. Until August gang...