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Head coach Mike Norvell recaps Friday practice, bowl prep

“It’s still a big focus on ourselves, our fundaments, and the things we need to do”

Florida v Florida State Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

The No. 13 Florida State Seminoles are well on their way to their December 29 matchup inside Camping World Stadium. Friday marked the first open media practice after learning they would be facing the Oklahoma Sooners at the Cheez-it bowl.

Head coach Mike Norvell met with the media afterward and talked about the importance of some of the big names returning to Tribe ‘23 and what it means for the program, which is about to make its first bowl appearance since 2019.

Noting that “It’s still a big focus on ourselves, our fundaments, and the things we need to do.” Norvell said the practice was good, and even some of the guys set to transfer were out on the field participating.

“There are some guys who are going to go to some new opportunities, and ultimately, they’ve done all that I’ve asked them to do, and they’re going to finish their careers as Seminoles here in this bowl game. I absolutely support them in what they’re going to do and where they are gonna go, and am excited for their futures.”

With major announcements of players deciding to return for 2023, Norvell said that it shows the commitment to the team and what they are striving to achieve. When asked about quarterback Jordan Travis, he said, “It’s very exciting. It shows the commitment to this team, to the university, to their joy of what it is to be a Florida State Seminole.” adding that “Being able to come back and continue to get better and obviously get this program to grow to where we are ultimately trying to get to.”

On running back Trey Benson’s return:

“It’s about maximizing the opportunity that he has. He’s shown some really good things. I like the production he’s had, but I’m excited about the opportunity he has in front of him.

Mike Norvell’s full interview can be seen below.