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Newcomers Sam McCall and Azareye’h Thomas speak on FSU

“You can tell when somebody is just selling you dreams but with coach Norvell you can see the passion and the love for the game and his players.”

Florida State early enrollees Sam McCall and Azareye’h Thomas spoke with the media today about adjusting to college life, both their decisions to choose FSU, and what their potential roles might be within the program.

Defensive back Sam McCall

  • On whether he had any doubts about committing to FSU.

“I had no doubt about FSU. I just know that when I committed before the season I just wanted to see how we were going to fight back in every game. COVID hit so I just knew we was not going to probably have the perfect season. I just wanted to see how we were going to fight last season and I liked the way we fought through every game especially the Miami game coming out with a big win and not just holding our heads down.”

  • On adjusting to college life.

“I had to adjust to it fast. I never had it in high school. Now I have a schedule on what time I have to be there, It’s been rough. The first week it’s been rough but now I got used to it. First week it was rough, second week it got better, third week I’m early. I’m showing up hours early, 10 minutes early, 30 minutes early. I’ve been on top of it.”

  • On what position he thinks he will play.

“Just knowing this is my freshman year I’ll probably just work on one position since this is probably one of the biggest seasons we’re going to have. Just working on being a better corner and just working on that. We got a ton of guys with skill that can play multiple positions so I’m not trying to show my talents yet. Probably next offseason I’ll probably show that I can do all that. Just probably right now working on that corner position the best”

“I don't know anything about offense this year. I know everything about special teams. You'll probably see me on a lot of special teams but not on offense. Probably just gonna work on just that defensive side just staying on one side of the ball this year. Just to be a big help on the defensive side and special teams. Just to be the guy I was in high school and to translate that into college. I know I have a lot of freestyle I can do. I can return kicks and return punts. Just to put up points on the board and help us win so that's the biggest thing — special teams and defense.”

Defensive back Azareye’h Thomas

  • Thomas on what stood out to him at FSU.

“Most of the times when athletes drop their top schools and they don't include a school in it that school stops pursuing them. Just the commitment that Florida State showed and how they showed me all throughout my process. Since before they offered me and after they offered me just the commitment they showed me really just stood out to me.”

“They just kept texting me, calling me, letting me know that they still want me and that they weren’t going to go away. They just kept at me and towards the end of my process of me making my decision coach Norvell had came up and he almost brought the whole staff. And it’s kinda different when somebody tells you they want you but it’s a whole different subject when they actually show it.”

  • On what position he will play at FSU.

“Right now I’ll play wherever they want me at. It’s my freshman year so I’m really just trying to make my identity for the first year, not really trying to rush into things. The offensive side? I don’t know it’s really just where the coaches decide to see me in a flag outfit best”

  • Azareye’h on what he sees in the FSU mindset.

“Just like Sam said earlier when most teams when they lost they like crumble. When Florida State started going downhill you saw them all actually come together. Really just seeing that sparked that interest in me and it's something I wanted to be a part of.”

*Quarterback A.J. Duffy will be available tomorrow morning.

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