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Freshmen Daniel Lyons, Dante Anderson, and Bishop Thomas speak on FSU

“It felt like this was the place for me to be, it felt like home.”

While Incoming freshman Daniel Lyons, Dante Anderson, and Bishop Thomas are still getting acclimated to college life they were able to take a break from the rigorous off-season conditioning program Tour of Duty to speak with the media today.

They spoke on relationships, strength and conditioning, and more. Here are some quotes and video from today:

Bishop Thomas

  • On returning back to playing football

“I’m ready. I’m getting there but I’m ready. I gotta get my feet up under me it’s been a while but, I mean, the grind don’t stop. It’s an everyday thing right now.”

“I gotta develop as I go but right now I feel good. I just gotta be the best teammate I can regardless if I’m playing or not I gotta lift everybody up. So we are gonna come to work every day we’re going to help each other. Iron sharpens iron”

  • On his relationship with coach David Johnson and his decision to go FSU

“It was very big on my decision because honestly, you know, you make a decision like that you try to see where your fam at. you’re looking for a second family but it really is your first now. He [David Johnson] played a big part, him, Odell, Norvell, everybody just chipped in and talked to me.”

Daniel Lyons

  • On the strength and conditioning program and adjusting to college life

Fast. Coach Storms is a great coach I feel like I have been getting bigger, faster, stronger.”

“It’s been really fast I have to be everywhere on time early. Adjusting to the weight room, the conditioning, the running, getting up early, t’s been good though.”

  • On his time in the strength and conditioning program and his goals within it.

“Right now just trying to stay in the weight room to get bigger so when that time comes I’m ready to get on the field so I’m working as hard as I can.”

Dante Anderson

  • On the strength and conditioning program

“Strength and conditioning, I mean it’s a very fast process. I say the strength and conditioning program has been good. You gotta be on top of it, eat right, and everything, and Tour of Duty, that’s a workout.”

  • On choosing to sign with Florida State

“The relationship with the coaching staff. It felt like home and my brother Daniel [Lyons] stayed here. We’ve been together since elementary and we’ve always wanted to play together. That’s my brother.”

“A place where I can find a right fit for me, a place I can call home for the next three to four years, and the history of Florida State.”