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Gaines Street Pies looking to sign FSU offensive line to NIL deal

Pizza and linemen — a match made in heaven.

Gaines Street Pies

This article has been updated to reflect that, despite the Instagram post from the restaurant, a deal has not been reached between Gaines Street Pies and any Florida State athlete, though negotiations are ongoing. Tomahawk Nation regrets the error.

It’s a deal that makes so much sense it’s a wonder it hasn’t happened already.

Local Tallahassee pizza joint Gaines Street Pies, just brief walk (or e-scooter ride, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous) from Doak Campbell Stadium, is looking to sign the Florida State offensive line to a name, image and likeness (NIL) deal.

“We worked with Dillan Gibbons and his organization Big Man, Big Heart, providing food for his event with the Boys and Girls Club over the holidays, and the event went really well,” general manager Bobby Harty said. “After that, the Gibbons family reached out looking for a spot to continue their traditional pizza night for the offensive linemen and we were happy to accommodate them.”

While FSU players have seen their fair share of NIL deals, and there have been some instances of group ones, this seems to be the first instance of an entire position group attempting to come to terms with a business.

With Florida state law placing restrictions on how NIL deals can be brokered — universities cannot be involved in making them happen in any manner — the onus is on non-associated businesses and groups to make them happen.

“We can’t compete with what our competitors in other states can do at this moment,” FSU athletic director Michael Alford said in a Board of Trustees meeting last week.

“[We can’t] advise and facilitate through the process. And that’s really where other states are allowing the representatives to go do.”