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The Triple Option: Mailbag and ode to the champions

What are the important story lines going into spring?

We are in the trenches.

The start of the new football season is half of a year away and even recruiting, the thing that gives respite from the drudge of the offseason, is in a dead period. However, through the darkness, spring practice shines forth as a promise of football to come.

There are many potential narratives going into this spring game. Has Jordan Travis taken a step forward in the passing game? Who will be replacing Keir Thomas at fox? Are the transfers all they are cracked up to be?

The Triple Option is here to rest the anxious minds of Seminole fans by taking their best shot at these questions and more in a new mailbag episode.

As a bonus, the Triple Option will be taking a look at some ‘Nole alumni who have played football at the highest level recently. Jalen Ramsey and Cam Akers have etched the title of Superbowl Champions to their resume this past Sunday and so they deserve a moment to be appreciated for what they brought in their time in Tallahassee.

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