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General Manager of Personnel Darrick Yray discusses new role at FSU

“I'm ecstatic just to represent this place — it was just something I couldn't turn down.”

Earlier this month Florida State began revamping its off-field staff adding four new off-field positions.

One of the new hires was General Manager of Personnel Darrick Yray who recently worked at Oregon State under a similar role.

Yray sat down with the media today to explain his role at FSU, recruiting, and why he chose to come to FSU.

  • On what his job entails

“General overview just to help and improve organization and to help everyone stay on the same page and get the best player for Florida State. As recruiting has evolved over the years it's an everyday experience, every hour it changes by the hour so the more we can improve communications to help everyone be more effective”

“Working hand in hand with all of our staff making sure that we get multiple eyes on any prospect, any person that we want to evaluate for Florida state and to just to make sure that all the opinions are heard and that we're taking multiple angles to make sure to limit anything that's out there.”

  • On how he and coach Norvell crossed paths and why he took the job.

“Coach Norvell and I had first met in 2016 at a mega camp. [Coach] Marcus Woodson and I worked together on the same staff at Fresno State. I thought it was important just to ideally align with his vision and once he explained that and obviously the tradition that Florida State offers. Being on the west coast understanding the tradition and knowing that which I probably knew a lot more about Florida State than a good majority of west coast schools because of where the west coast was at. So I’m very excited to get started, get to work, and hit the ground running.”

  • On what he enjoys the most about working in personnel.

“The biggest thing I enjoy is watching film and so if it was up to me I would lock myself up in a room for 20 hours a day and I'm not kidding just to be able to watch film and evaluate players. That is the best part, that is the favorite part of the job for me.”