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TomahawkTV: Debuting Tomahawk Plays NCAA 14

A little offseason fun on the joysticks

College Football Revamped

These are terrifying times, people.

We’re just weeks away from one of the saddest periods of the year — the lull between football seasons, especially deepened in the weeks that precede spring football.

To help alleviate that sense of loss, Kevin Little and I are teaming up to satisfy our lifelong dreams of A) coaching college football 2) serving as an announcer for college football and finally, D) having others be forced to watch us play video games.

Using an updated version of NCAA 14 called College Football Revamped (an absolutely fantastic and pretty easy-to-install mod, if you’re a big nerd and have time on your hands), we’re going to be playing through the 2021 Florida State football season with a true-to-life roster. We’ll go week-by-week, showcasing what could have happened, from on-field results to program building to recruiting.

We’ll also be hanging out to chat about the actual, real-life Florida State football program and the other happenings in FSU athletics.

You can subscribe below, and get notified whenever we go live:

Our first stream will be this Saturday, Feb. 5 starting at 10 a.m., ahead of the Florida State vs. Wake Forest men’s basketball game.

You can also subscribe to Kevin on YouTube here and find more of our multimedia content on our Everything Noles podcast network: