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FSU newcomers Rodney Hill, Daughtry Richardson, and Brian Courtney speak on FSU

“I really felt like a priority to them through the whole recruiting process.”

Florida State tight end Brian Courtney, running back Rodney Hill, and offensive lineman Daughtry Richardson sat down with the media on Tuesday continuing pre-season newcomer interviews that have been taking place following early signing day.

They commented on their transition to college, the strength and conditioning program, and relationships with staff and student-athletes through the recruiting process and after arriving on campus.

Brian Courtney

  • On switching from quarterback to tight end out of high school

“I'm looking forward to it. In high school, I was running around and getting pulled each way. I’m ready to kind of lock in and get all the drills for one group and this is probably my first spring in a while where I'm actually allowed to hit people. Playing quarterback in high school, I wasn't allowed in any tackling drills that I tried to get in so I’m looking forward to that.”

  • On the strength and conditioning program

“I’m trying to put on a couple of pounds probably about 10 pounds of weight. I’ve learned a lot from coach Storms, all the strength staff, and all the different lifts. They’re big into the cleans and stuff like squats so I’m getting some better form on those so far.”

  • On how his recruitment process went

“So what I heard the Florida State staff that recruited me that they saw me at the elite eleven combine and liked a lot of stuff they saw there. So then they saw some of my film and saw some of my defensive film and saw some transferrable skills there so they plugged me in for tight end.”

Rodney Hill

  • On transitioning from high school

“It’s been pretty good it was different coming from high school transitioning into college but for the most part it’s been pretty good it's been great.”

  • On what he thinks his role will be in this offensive system and which players have helped him the most so far

“As of right now, I’m just trying to learn it all right now. So I’m not really going to say too much on that. I’m just trying to learn and get a feel for it and see what spring is like.”

“CJ Cambell and LT [Lawrence Toafilli.] Those are the main two I go and learn the playbook with.”

Daughtry Richardson

  • On what its like returning home to Tallahassee

“I lived here before so Tallahassee is home to me that's where I was born and raised at. It’s good to be back up here and be a Nole for Florida State so it's definitely been good to be up here.”

  • On the strength and conditioning program

“I believe in Coach Storms and I believe in the nutrition staff. What he’s been doing to my body is great. I’m gaining weight like crazy and I’m able to move with my weight. I feel comfortable with my weight and I feel good with my weight. Like I said it’s still lean weight so there is going to be a lot of mass on me but he’s definitely going to get me to where I need to be.”

  • On his relationship with offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Alex Atkins

“Coach Atkins is one of the realest o-line coaches I’ve ever spoken to and one of the realest o-line coaches that ever spoke facts to me. Coach Atkins has always been real throughout the recruiting process and he’s always kept it real with me regardless. He never told me a lie. He was always truthful. He got on me like he was my mentor and showed me the right path and to never go down the wrong path so I gotta say me and my relationship with Coach Atkins has been great.”