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Spring football notes and observations: Standout newcomers progressing in spring

News and notes from the first day in pads

TALLAHASSEE, FL — The downpour of rain let off over Florida State University as the Warchant blared out of Albert J. Dunlap on day three of spring ball, and — today marked the first time in full pads this spring.

Starting off with full aggression, the team seemed eager to knock each other around. Linebacker Amari Gainer in the first couple of one on one tackle drills was hitting hard and that set the tone for the rest of practice.

Wide receiver Ontaria Wilson and defensive back Greedy Vance had it out for each other going head to head and trash-talking for major portions of practice. At one point, there was an exchange between the two, and on the next play, Wilson high-pointed the ball in the air in front of Vance. The teammate rivalry ensued (Vance had two picks on the day.)

Defensive back Sam McCall was competitive with a few huge pass breakups and looks to be the part although still new. Defensive back Azareye’h Thomas has a high ceiling but is a step behind at times especially lined up so close to the line of scrimmage. He can make up for that with his length and developing his reaction time.

The defensive line looked stout at just about every position on the two-deep. Derrick McClendon looked to be capable at end giving fits pass rushing. However, the offensive line held their own on the run allowing the running backs through for a couple of huge gains (most notably a pair of touchdowns from Treshaun Ward.)

Jordan Travis had a bad interception to start the day but continued to show that he is QB1. His arm continues to improve while making some throws into tight windows and boxes.

Quarterback AJ Duffy has some tools and the game might be a little too fast for him right now which is expected. He made some beautiful throws, some of which were off target but a few of the good ones were to Joshua Burrell, Keyshawn Helton. Corey Wren, and Kentron Poitier for big gains.