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The Triple Option: WR/TE Preview

It looks different

Welcome back to the continued preview series with your boys from The Triple Option. This episode is minus Trey but still brings you the best football analysis in this corner of the internet. This week we look at the wide receiver and tight end groups. While it is a brief look at the TE room we have a lot of thoughts on the WR room.

Incoming transfers have taken over the position and are making their presence felt. This is a room with a bright light shining on it for all to observe. Can the infusion of talent be the difference? Sit back, watch as Kevin and I make fools of ourselves and find out.

For the first time in a while, there are a lot of incoming names that are well known. However, what FSU may lack in new names The Triple Option makes up for in its approach. Continue to join Kevin, Trey, and myself as we jump on the chalkboard and move those little circles and squares around to give the most in-depth preview possible for each position group.