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FSU football: Tatum Bethune, Azareye’h Thomas, Kayden Lyles talk Noles practice

“It doesn’t matter what I did in high school or what I did in the past just keep learning each and every day.”

FLORIDA STATE — Wrapping up the first week of practice linebacker Tatum Bethune, defensive back Azareye’h Thomas, and offensive lineman Kayden Lyles spoke to media today before taking a much-needed break for spring. They spoke about getting to Florida State, being accepted by the team, and what their recruitment looked like in the portal and out of high school, and more.

Defensive back Azareye’h Thomas

Incoming freshman Azareye’h Thomas continues to shine in practice and spoke about adapting to the speed of the game:

“It’s been going pretty well. The first couple of days, actually the first practice, it was kind of fast. But then as the day went on things started slowing down and things started coming to me. It started working in my favor and I got more comfortable as the day went on.”

Thomas on his confidence level and what has changed:

“It raised my confidence. When I first came here I was kinda like, ‘uhhh’ especially being an early enrollee but as the weeks and months went on I got more comfortable like I said earlier, and really just being more expressive. When I first got here I was kind of quiet so just that helped a whole bunch.”

Linebacker Tatum Bethune

The UCF transfer linebacker had a lot to say on being welcomed into the Nole family and what he saw in Randy Shannon.

“My first day here they already was treating me like a brother. Showing me around the facility and around campus that's where most of us stay so it already felt like home and just getting to know the coaches and it was just a great feeling that everybody was down here with me as a family.”

Bethune on his relationship with co-defensive coordinator/linebackers coach Randy Shannon and his work ethic:

“You know coach Shannon is tough love. He’s always going to make sure I work hard and make sure everybody in the group work hard, so that's what I loved about him since I was at UCF when he was recruiting me. He never let me quit and he never let me give up.”

Offensive lineman Kayden Lyles

Wisconsin transfer Kayden Lyles talked about his recruitment to FSU and what he liked about offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Alex Atkins:

Lyles on how the team has accepted him:

“Umm, I think the new guy stuff is out the window at this point. I’ve been here since January and now we're in March. You know, it's the first spring football with Florida State, this is my fifth spring ball in college. I have that experience and I just try to give everybody as much as I can.”

“I think it's an on and off-the-field relationship. On the field, communicate and making sure that we are all on the same page, pre-snap, post-snap, during the snap that we are all communicating and making sure we are on the same page. Off the field, whether its here, at meetings, or at home getting to know each other — just building relationships”

*Video credit for Kaden Lyles goes to Noles247.