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The Triple Option: Spring Break Practice Update

Who stands out going into spring break?

It’s spring break at Florida State. The offseason nestled within the offseason.

This week offers an opportunity to stop and collect our thoughts on the first few weeks of the spring season. Usually, this would be the time that the Triple Option reaches out to a colleague that covers practice (you should still check out Tommy’s practice updates here) and does a short interview. However, this spring the Triple Option has had its own on-the-beat representation.

I have been able to attend the last few practices and I bring my notes back with me to discuss with Trey and Coach AB. In this week's episode we:

  • Give a position-by-position breakdown of standout performers
  • Go in-depth on some of the new pieces joining the team
  • Discuss how new players change the roles of players already on the roster
  • Breakdown some practice footage
  • Conclude with some thoughts on the state and direction of the program

Tune in later this week as The Triple Option will be back with a DB preview.