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WATCH: FSU Director of Football Strength and Conditioning Josh Storms talks Tour of Duty

WORK, leadership, and improvement.


TALLAHASSEE — Florida State’s Director of Football Strength and Conditioning Josh Storms spoke with the media today following the end of Tour of Duty heading into spring practice this month.

On improvement through Tour of Duty.

“Just seeing guys now that have been here for a couple of years and guys who may have struggled in year one and you know Tour of Duty is a different thing. I don't care who you are I don't care what level you are it takes a year to kind of get your feet under you and mentally get your head wrapped around what Tour of Duty is going to throw at you. You see the guys, you see the growth. You see the guys who maybe struggled when you came out here two years ago and watched and you see those guys leading groups and excelling because they’ve been in the program and not just being in better shape and everything else but being mentally tough and mentally stronger to be able to be those guys who are now ascending into leadership type roles.”

On the impact of leaders and the growth of the program.

“It’s immeasurable. Ultimately you want your program to be coach fed and player-led. Let us steer them in the right direction and let us provide coaching when it's appropriate when it comes to leadership and those types of things and let the guys lead let the guys pick their peers up. It means way more when it comes from the guys you went through the workouts with and the guys you live with than it does for a coach who did this forever ago. You see that start to happen when you look around you see those guys coaching things that we used to coach. I find myself coaching less of the basic standard stuff and be able to coach leadership and things like that and that's when you start to measure the true growth of a program”

On improvements in the off-season and the rehab process.

“If you wanna talk about individuals in the off-season I want to talk about guys like Josh Burrell, Dennis Briggs, Thomas Shrader, guys who battled back from Injury. Byron Turner is one of those guys. Seeing what those guys were able to do this off-season through the re-hab process transitioning from rehab into getting back to playing ball again, those are the guys who have had some remarkable weight programs this year.”

The full interview can be seen below: