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Sights and sounds: FSU football back from spring break

Shaking off the dust.

Tallahassee, FL — Tuesday marked the first media available practice after the Florida State Seminoles got a much-needed break for spring. The rust was there to shake off in the beginning, but it seemed to be gone by the end.

Head coach Mike Norvell had this to say about today:

“There were some things that showed up just continuing to push getting back into the flow of it you know, working on building those positive habits and consistency of that. There was some up and down today but both sides of the ball showed moments and flashes of what we want to see and definitely have to improve on and correct. I really thought there was some good work that was achieved. When you have four practices in seven days and then take more than a week of time off some of those older habits show back up and we gotta get back in the groove of getting that cleaned up.”

Here are some sights and sounds from practice:

The next media available practice will be Thursday, March 24th.