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FSU football: Notes and observations from spring practice

Slow start but progress as the Noles get back in the groove.

TALLAHASSEE — Spring break is over and it was time for the Florida State Seminoles to get back out on the practice fields. There were some exciting moments, some face-palms, and some thankful but disappointing news about wide receiver Winston Wright Jr’s status after being in a devastating car accident.

There were a few cameos as long-time FSU announcer Gene “The Voice” Deckeroff along with running back Jashaun Corbin, tight end Jordan Wilson, and linebacker Emmett Rice roamed the sidelines.

Running back Jashaun Corbin (left) and tight end Jordan Wilson (right) talk during warm-ups.

The quarterbacks started off a little rocky which is to be expected given the break and it seemed Rodemaker (at first) was throwing with too much juice and not enough touch. As the day went on though he started to get back in some sort of rhythm making a particularly nice throw to wide receiver Joshua Burrell who was screaming down the sideline on a blown coverage. Defensive back Shyheim Brown was able to save the touchdown coming over to push Burrell out of bounds. Rodemaker also had a nice read and even a nicer one-handed catch by receiver Ontaria Wilson on the edge on defensive back Sam McCall in tight coverage. The two had a good connection all day.

Quarterback Jordan Travis seems to be gaining more confidence in his receiver corps (especially Wilson) and Ja’Khi Douglas and has showcased an arm and timing that will continue to develop.

Another one whose agility stood out today was AJ Duffy. He looked very mobile in cone drills and had a big 15 yard run after the play broke down and is surprisingly fast with a long stride. He also had a great pass to receiver Duece Spann on the boundary and flashed throughout most of the day.

Miscommunication from the offense in one on ones and a leaping catch from defensive back Akeem Dent scored him an interception when the receiver crossed about 10-yards out the ball went deep into Dent’s hands.

Defensive backs Greedy Vance and Kevin Knowles also had picks on the day.

Wide receiver Johnny Wilson got in on the action on Tuesday getting wide open for a nice bomb from Travis in seven on seven drills. Wilson got off his initial block, cut across the field into an open space about 15-yards past the line of scrimmage to make the catch which would’ve gone to the house.

Running back Ja’Khi Douglas had a great day and showcased his speed and hands against most of the defensive backs. There were multiple times when he had steps on receivers, made catches down the sidelines, and took the ball the distance in seven on and one on one drills.

FSU returns to practice Thursday, ahead of the first scrimmage of the spring this weekend.