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FSU football: Mike Norvell talks spring practice, Saturday’s scrimmage, and more

“ Not the consistency that I want to see ”

FLORIDA STATE — The Noles took the field for the first time following their scrimmage on Saturday. While most of the focus today veered towards FSU’s Pro Day, Florida State prepared for the second half of spring ball soon after. Head coach Mike Norvell was not pleased with FSU’s tempo today and stated “ today is not to the standard start to finish that I want to see.”

Coach is that ( FSU’s slow tempo) common coming off a scrimmage ?

“ There’s plenty of common things that can go on, but is that what you desire to be. If you want to be like most programs, if you want to be what human natures desires you to do and that’s to be comfortable, I don’t want that. I’m not into that, I want a different standard of how we need to operate and what we need to do and we have to make the choice to get that done.”

Bishop Thomas seems to be flashing well, is he further than any freshman defensive tackle?

“ Flashes me too... I really like him, Daniel Lyons, I may have mentioned Dante ( Anderson ), Aaron Hester had a good day today. It’s a good group and Bishop is definitely a very explosive player, we knew that as he was coming out of high school. We knew we were getting a good athlete... he’s made some great strides, I’m excited about that group and him in particular.”