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FSU football: LB Tatum Bethune, WR Mycah Pittman, RB CJ Campbell interviews

The trio of Seminoles talk after Tuesday’s practice

FLORIDA STATE — The Seminoles have finished their seventh day of practice and it was a slower day for the ‘Noles coming off their closed scrimmage on Saturday. Mycah Pittman and Tatum Bethune have continued to show out.

Walk-on CJ Campbell has been the talk of spring, being mentioned by the staff multiple times as a player making an impact and is clearly starting to find a role for himself on the Seminoles roster.

All three spoke today after practice — here are some excerpts from their interviews, with the full videos embedded below.

WR Mycah Pittman

For you was there an acclamation period with the quarterbacks and your fellow receivers in the offense or did you feel pretty comfortable from the get-go in the spring?

“I made sure in my free-time to meet up with the coaches to make sure I knew what I was doing as soon as I got here. I think like a veteran. I want to be able to be that guy that they feel comfortable moving around. I feel like the acclimation has been pretty easy for me. Being able to learn the plays and show that I can versatile on the inside and outside.”

What goes into fielding a punt return? It seems like something that is so graceful and easy for you to do.

“I study the rotation of the ball. If the ball is punted higher in the air it’s physics - I’m not really a science major but I can tell you if the ball is high in the air it is coming down fast. Even though it looks like the ball is headed way over my head it’s coming right to me. Just understanding the spin of the ball and knowing the bounce; if the rotation is reversed it is gonna bounce forward, if it is the other way it’s gonna bounce to me.”

With those catches you have been able to make in practice - those 50/50 catches. What goes into those catches for you?

“It’s a 100 or 0 ball to me - I am not letting that DB pick it and the person that is gonna come down with it is me. That is my mentality. Guys will look at me as a 5’11 200 pound guy who cannot go up and get it. I laugh and think it’s funny because I am gonna go up and get it. That is my mentality and I wouldn’t say I am cocky it’s just the confidence in what I do. Why can’t I be the guy to get that 50/50 or actually 100/0 ball.”

How do you feel like you have been able to build that connection her in spring ball?

“Jordan is not only my teammate but he is a really good friend of mine. He’s a person that I enjoy being around. He will be the first guy to pull out his credit card to pay for someone’s food. He is not only a good person on the field but off of it. He is the type of person you wanna surround yourself with.”

RB CJ Campbell

Did you have any other options other than Florida State out of high school, and ultimately what led you to come to Florida State?

Other than Florida State I did have Davidson... but I didn’t want to leave too far from my family and whenever I got this preferred walk-on spot from Florida State I also had one hundred percent full ride academically... so I just feel like that was just a sign to me that you should stay, why not come here bet on yourself and see what happens from there.”

You talked about Treshaun, did you have conversations with him about what he did to put himself in that position?

“I had many conversations with Tre, he gave me some tips and some advice on how to protect myself on the scout team, stay healthy and how to make it where I can go at one hundred percent every play... and some things to do like standout as compared to any other walk-ons.”

LB Tatum Bethune

What do you feel like your personal strengths are as a player?

“I don’t like to talk about myself all the time I feel like it’s bragging. But I am very physical and have very good instincts. Sometimes I’ll do some crazy stuff and I’ll get on myself about it. I fell like my instincts and playing football and just being a football player in general not just being a linebacker.”

You’re the guy with the most experience in the locker room although you’re a first year guy here. So what is your role when it comes to leadership?

“Being a new teammate sometimes the team already has leaders. I was coming into here trying to be a teammate first. I came here and they treated me like family ant that’s how we act on the field. We wanna get each other better and talk to each other.