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The Triple Option: Is FSU’s offensive line still a liability?

Can FSU’s offensive line continue to take steps forward?

The narrative surrounding Florida State football’s struggles over the past few years has been dominated by the offensive line. Jimbo left the cupboards pretty bare on his way out of town and it's a position group that needs continuity to prosper.

Cue Alex Atkins. He has shown everything on the recruiting trail needed to make him a top offensive line coach but now that it’s his third year with the program it's time for the results to begin to show on the field.

There should be a lot of moving parts for this year’s offensive line. Transfer tackle Bless Harris and center Kayden Lyles are unknowns that may move other pieces to more natural situations. If they pan out it may mean that FSU has the best offensive line room in years; however, there are still major questions when it comes to depth.

Offensive line personnel plays a big role in scheme, which is what the guys at the Triple Option do best. So join Trey, Coach AB, and myself as we take a deep dive into the position pre-spring.